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The customer lifecycle isn’t

There’s a lot of talk about the customer lifecycle and the benefits of paying attention to it out there.

A typical customer lifecycle goes like this: A potential customer discovers our offerings, learns about them and our value proposition, buys our offerings and thus becomes an active or current customer, and finally stops buying our offerings and thus becomes a former customer.

But is this really a typical customer lifecycle?

I don’t think so anymore. I think this more typical: A potential customer is born, grows up, lives through adulthood, grows old, and finally dies.

Obviously, this is quite coarse-grained and could be detailed by adding many significant events.

The first lifecycle above really describes the relationship between a customer and a business (and this only in a very limited way).

Paraphrasing Chris Potts, businesses need to decide how they want to appear in their customers’ activities, experiences and lives. I think this a lot easier to do when taking the second perspective on the idea of a customer lifecycle.