Digital experiences: journey first or content first?

Both. Sort of.

Recently the topic of whether to take a journey-first or a content-first approach to delivering digital user experiences came up. The former seems to be favoured by more “traditional” user experience designers while the latter is favoured by many content strategist. No surprise here.

For now, my take is this:

I think I want to start with the customer experience in a conceptual, coarse-grained and probably channel-independent manner. A concept map (or a service ecology map, despite this grandstanding name) is a good basis from which to start mapping a customer journey.

Digging into more detail, increasing the focus on content seems useful, both in terms of detailing the content model and the actual content.

In turn, the content model as well as representative content elements can be an effective basis for designing the actual user journeys for a digital service.

Thoughts, please? Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Digital experiences: journey first or content first?

  1. Gene Hughson

    This reminds me a bit of one method of constructing a narrative: start with an idea; begin building an outline to realize the idea; as you flesh out the information to hang off the outline, additional branches may appear or disappear; lather, rinse, repeat until the results are what you want.

    1. Oliver Baier Post author

      Gene, thanks for sharing this observation. Service & experience design can certainly benefit from telling stories / taking story-telling approaches.

      This is an area I need to explore further.


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