Service ecology maps and the enterprise canvas

Andrew Polaine, Lavrans Løvlie and Ben Reason describe the notion of service ecologies and the benefits of mapping service ecologies in their book Service Design: From Insight to Implementation. They provide relevant figures from the book here, here and here. The service ecology map has three main purposes:

1.  To map service actors and stakeholders 2.  To investigate relationships that are part of or affect the service 3.  To generate new service concepts by reorganizing how actors work together

Polaine, Løvlie & Reason (2013, pos. 1496)

The service ecology map dimensions proposed in the first link above are well known: what, how, when, where, who and why. These dimensions and the above definition link the concept of a service ecology map directly to the scope or context layer and the business services layer of Tom Grave’s (2010, p. 37-38) enterprise canvas.

A few happy thoughts:

  • The notion of a service ecology resonates nicely with previous discussions of the enterprise-as-ecosystem.
  • The service ecology map, together with the enterprise canvas, provides a nice link between ‘classic’ service design and enterprise architecture (architecture of the whole and shared enterprise).

With a respectful bow to Tom Graves and his work, this leaves me with the following layers of abstraction for my service decomposition work:

  • Purpose
  • Context
  • Concept   (implementation-independent)
  • Implementation   (implementation-specific)
  • Deployment   (operations-specific, action-plan, resource-schedule)
  • Action record   (record of actions as occured)

Tom has very good reasons for designing these layers in the way he did, e.g. congruence with the Zachman framework. I really only combined Tom’s scope & business services layers into a single context layer and slightly renamed some of the lower layers. This is a pragmatic approach that I expect to work in my context–you are probably better off with Tom’s approach. References Graves, T. (2010) Mapping the enterprise: modelling the enterprise as services with the enterprise canvas. Tetradian Books. Polaine, A., Løvlie, L. & Reason, B. (2013)  Service design: from insight to implementation. Kindle ed., Rosenfeld Media.


3 thoughts on “Service ecology maps and the enterprise canvas

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