The problem team & the solution team

We have great problems to solve.

So we task someone to describe the problem and we task someone else to describe the solution, which yet someone else is tasked to implement. For reasons of efficiency, we let them all start at once.

The bad news is that this doesn’t work. (And it hasn’t worked before. Ever.) Most problems worth solving today don’t have obvious solutions. In fact, often it isn’t even obvious what the real problem is.

In reality, that nice process of describe problem — describe solution — implement solution looks a little more like this.

“No way!”, the lizard screams, “Our process is way more disciplined than this!” Well, maybe it is disciplined (I bet it’s not), but is it effective? Does it yield effective solutions to the real problems?

If The Squiggle is too much to stomach, let’s take a more conservative example: Where would we draw the line between the problem and the solution here?

Having a problem team and a solution team is wonderful way to foster adversarial mindsets. Instead, let’s have one team with different strengths and a common understanding of what success means. And then let’s get the -bleep- out of their way.

Also read Bob Marshall’s The Same Old Way.


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