In what context? For what purpose?

Dean Bubley (Disruptive Dean) said the following on Twitter yesterday:

The OSI stack for networking should have Layers 8 & 9 added to it: context & purpose. That’s where the value is going.

The underlying thought seems to be applicable to other areas, including service design, enterprise / business / solution architecture and software development.

Tom Graves’ describes several layers of abstraction in his service-centric view of the shared enterprise, starting with the enterprise layer, which defines purpose, and the scope layer, which defines context.

When describing a software service, for example, I typically begin by describing its intent and depicting the service in its context (both static and dynamic).

So, when faced with a new concept or a new challenge, one of the simplest ways to start adding value is asking two questions:

  • In what context?
  • For what purpose?

2 thoughts on “In what context? For what purpose?

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